Most Effective Novel Writing Tips For Upcoming Writers

Most Effective Novel Writing Tips For Upcoming Writers
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Do you want to learn novel writing tips? Do you love readings books? All those who love reading can write a book. Today I will share with you most effective novel writing tips. These tips will help you start your own novel. Novel writing does not require any extra talent. If you have the dedication and passion. Nothing can stop your novel from being a bestseller.

Books are your best friend. When you read a book. You can travel to different parts of the world and time. The art of novel writing requires imaginative and creative skills. There is no fixed genre for a novelist. A novelist can write on romance, science, history, or just society. From a very young age, I had decided. I want to write a book. Before everything else, learn how to start a book first.

The list below are the top 10 novel writing tips. These tips will help you start your own book.

1. Motto

The motto of your novel must be simple. Write a novel that everyone wants to read. The best thing about writing is happiness. Novel writing is one of the best therapy. Be it the financial success or immense fame. Luckily enough, a good book will pave the way for success. If it touches your heart while writing. Certainly, it will touch your readers in the same manner. Things said from the heart, always touch the heart.

2. Create A Plot

The stepping stone to writing a novel is creating a plot. Firstly, create a plot in your head. Set the time and location of your novel. Extensive research and additional information will add a realistic tinge to your writing. If your plot is sci-fi then lectures of physicists will be of great help. Additionally, science-related journals and futuristic information will be sufficient.

3. Realistic Characters

Creating realistic characters will move your readers. Gone are the days when the lead characters used to be ‘holier than thou.’ Fortunately, readers prefer fallible characters. Provided it is believable. If this was not the case then “The Book Thief” would not have been an international bestseller. In addition to that, Alaska Young of “Looking For Alaska.” The heartbreak girl would not have been every boy’s dreamgirl despite her shortcomings.

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4. Moral

Think in your head the reason for writing your novel. If you want to deliver a message to the readers. Writing a novel is the best medium. All those who have been cheated in love. Accidental pregnancy during teenage. Divorce/ breakup due to miscommunication. Lack of medical knowledge. No scope of education to the underprivileged. If you have any of these causes in your mind. Chances are, there must be something else you are passionate about. Make it a point to raise the subject. Reach out to your audience. Be the reason to bring in the great change. All this is possible with your writing skills.

5. Target

It does not really matter how passionate you are about your book. If you lack the discipline. Unfortunately, you are at a great loss. The best tip for novel writing is to make it a point to write at least 500 words every day. This is something that you need to do without fail. Write each chapter of your book religiously. Schedule your novel writing details beforehand. Before you start a book. Schedule when to write what and how many words to write every day. It is not mandatory to follow the word count strictly. The important thing is to write continuously each and every day without fail.

6. Outline

There are many authors who say “go with the flow.” I absolutely agree with them. After writing a few books, the story flows automatically. For the beginners, outline each chapter with little details. Once you have the entire plot in front of you. Sit and outline each chapter one by one. It can be in the shape of a synopsis. After you have the whole synopsis in place. Set your target to fill the chapters each day. It is not necessary to finish one chapter in a day. A mere 500 to 1000 words every day will keep the book rolling. It does not matter if you fail to complete your book within the deadline. Even if you are able to finish 50% of your book within the given time frame. It will prove your seriousness regarding your passion.

7. The Reader

This is one of the most crucial parts. Here, you need a confidante. Someone who is extremely trustworthy. This person will read your manuscript on a day to day basis. Or regular intervals. Choose your reader wisely. It does not necessarily have to be someone with an expertise in novels. This person must motivate you when you do good. Similarly, when you fail to deliver the right output. The reader has all the rights to criticise you. This person has to maintain a balance between honesty and brutality. The feedbacks must be honest. No false hopes or fake compliments. Additionally, there should be no cutting remarks either. The criticism must not dampen your spirits. Hence, choose someone who can motivate you in a positive manner. Even if the comments are not to your likings at that time. The results should be fruitful.

8. Stick To Your Goal

This too is an extremely important point. Never deviate from the topic. After selecting the plot, motto, and cause. Try your best to stick to the initial plot. Many at times writers deviate from the topic as the story progresses. New characters develop with new twists in the story. It is good if the plot develops with time. Consequently, the story also gets affected by new developments. The writer has to be very cautious here. No matter where the story goes. The plot should remain intact. The message must be rightly delivered.

9. Push Your Creativity

Try to explore new avenues. Unravel new topics as you write. Many at times, novelists write about magical creatures, futuristic events or complex characters. Things that you have not known earlier. It is advisable to write about it. If only you yourself believe in it, you can make the readers believe in it. A master storyteller is someone who is the wizard of words. Mesmerize your readers with your creativity. Take up sci-fi topic if you are from the arts background. As you will enter the wonderful world of quantum physics. These new topics will leave you awestruck. It is this wondrous characteristic of the writer that will reflect on his/ her writing.

10. Create Your Own Rules

Finally, the most important thing to bear in mind. Create your own rules. Set your own targets for yourself. Do what you wish. There is a strong possibility you might not agree with these tips. If you feel you can write as per your own set of rules. My sincere advice would be you follow your heart. The only thing that should matter to you is your book. The aim is to write a novel. It is up to you how you fulfill the task.

Hope you find the above-mentioned novel writing tips helpful. Feel free to get in touch with your questions, comments, and suggestions. Our best wishes for your book. Create a bestseller and win the world with your writing.