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Top 30 Sports Magazines That Pay Freelance Writers

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Writing for Sports magazines is a self-entertaining activity. As a writer, you can analyze, judge and forecast certain results. However, as a sports lover, you can watch, think and critique sports and their players.

Freelance sports writing is an entertaining and quite fulfilling job. Sports have a lot to offer people. Entertainment, fitness, various means of income source, hobby and favorite pass time to name a few.

These are the top 30 sporting magazines that encourage freelance writers to earn money.

List of Top 30 Sports Magazines that pay Freelance Writers

  1. The Golf Tip

    This magazine expects writers to give details of the game, hence the writer should have good knowledge of the game. The articles should include detailed information about golf equipment their maintenance and availability.

  2. Adventure Cyclist

    They follow specific guidelines for their editorial based on traveling cyclists, their experiences, and cycling stories.

  3. American Snowmobiler

    The Kalmbach Publishing expects stories of avid snowmobilers in America. Their write-ups include personality details, interesting stories about snowmobiling.  Check Contributor Guidelines

  4. Blackbelt

    This magazine gives details on various aspects of martial arts. It defines the philosophy and history of martial arts, its fitness programs, training and combat techniques. It is the publication of Cruz bay Inc. Check  Contributor Guidelines

  5. Dirt Rag

    This magazine does not deal with mainstream cycling but more relates to details about gears, interviews, product reviews. Their articles should not exceed 3,500 words. Check Contributor Guidelines

  6. Golf course Management

    The articles in this magazine mention the administrative aspect of golf. It gives ideas to superintendents on dealing with issues related to the game of golf and the golf course management.

  7. Gripped

    The articles here relate to mountaineering and rock climbing.  Here the articles are should not exceed 2,500 words. The content should include features and reviews of certain areas and shared experiences. Check Contributor Guidelines

  8. Powder

    This magazine is all about skiing and skiers. It deals with mountain skiing, backcountry skiing, heli-skiing. There are discussions about skiing expeditions, races, trending, and various skiing personalities. This sport also should consider certain environmental issues that are discussed in various articles too. Here the articles should be within 2,000 words.

  9. Referee

    This is more of a training manual to various administrative activities related to different sports. This is a popular editorial referred by many sports officials from across the globe. The articles here should be within 3,500 words. Check Contributor Guidelines

  10. Shotgun

    These articles train people who are interested in hunting. The Articles inform and educate shooters who read up on historical facts, personal experiences and roundups.

  11. Snowshoe

    This magazine deals with sportsmen interested in snowshoeing. they tip snowshoers on the best equipment, environmental issues, competitive racing and other fitness information.The articles are expected to be around 2,000 words long.

  12. Sporting classic

    These articles are dedicated to fishermen and hunters. This American magazine educates sportsmen about fishing and hunting tips related to ideal destinations, best equipment, and other related ideas.

  13. Sports Afield

    This magazine encourages readers who pursue outdoor sports like hunting. The destinations are mostly the continents of Africa and Americas. It informs hunters on shooting guns, equipment, best hunting locations and other reviews based on personal hunting expeditions. These articles are usually within 2,500 words. Check Contributor Guidelines.

  14. Sports Collectors Digest

    As the title defines it is a collection of sports events. It has various interesting sports events, experiences of sportsmen and other related information.

  15. Sports Spectrum

    These articles encourage Christianity as a religious belief with sports. They develop the faith in Jesus and promote Christian athletes in the sports arena. The writings should correlate religion with sporting activities.

  16. Triathlete

    As the title specifies, the articles relate to Triathlon. It includes ideas and information related to sportsmen nutrition, fitness regimen, sports wear and other related topics. The articles are usually within 1,200 words.

  17. Fishing Sport

    The articles are widely read and referred by saltwater fishermen mostly in North America. The articles should be in related territories.

  18. Backcountry

    The articles cater to mostly backcountry skiers. The information relates to their topics of interest like personal interviews, shared experiences and other environmental information necessary for them.

  19. Chronicles of horses

    As the title refers to horses, the articles related to various sports that deal with horses. Steeplechase, Foxhunting other jumpers and hunters. The articles are limited to 2,500 words. Check Contributor Guidelines.

  20. Canadian Running

    These articles are very specific to runners in Canada. They discuss special features on Canadians who intend to be runners informing them about the best terrain, weather, fitness, coaches, and dieticians. The articles are mostly within 2,500 words.

  21. Cruising

    These articles are focused on speed boating and cruising. The articles are limited to 2,000 words. Check Contributor Guidelines

  22. Sailing

    These articles discuss various techniques in sailing, tricks, best weather patterns, boat, and sail information. The articles are about 3,000 words informing about boats, sails, equipment, and maintenance.

  23. USPHA

    These articles inform people in parasailing and hang gliding mostly in North America. The articles are within 3,000 words.

  24. Raquet

    This magazine related to the game of tennis. It informs lovers of the sport informing them about the ricks, training, fitness, diet, fashion wear, and playing methods. The details about various sports personalities and intriguing events related to the sport is narrated here.

  25. Good Sport

    The articles are little different from mainstream sporting. The articles related to the fanclub and their various experiences. The audience obsession with sports arena junk food, addiction to sports and rehabilitation stories based on fitness regiment.

  26. Victory

    This magazine is published in New York. It explains the heavy fitness and diet methods and all kinds of severing practice sessions that help to build an athlete. It is an inspirational journal for prospective athletes.

  27. Athleta

    This magazine is published in both English and Italian. The articles are narratives of various celebrity sportsmen and sports women whose personal experiences hard work and methods to overcome success and maintain their sporting standards.

  28. Shukyu

    This Japanese magazine is more related to football fans giving narratives and information on the sport.

  29. Season

    This is a magazine popularized by the female fans of football due to information on sports fashion wear.

  30. Mundial

    This is clearly a football magazine relating to the cultural aspect of the game. It gives details on fans, the tour information of various sporting clubs, the tools and the people related to the game.